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BrandTrack x The Marketing Interchange

BrandTrack is the Branding and Customer Experience solution of a broader product suite by The Marketing Interchange, a multinational research and consulting firm specializing in competitive intelligence. While The Marketing Interchange has made its name in the retail industry, BrandTrack is designed for a more diverse client base, working with brands in Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Employer Branding..

Our values

We have five values that guide every action we take:


Always say “Yes, it’s possible; anything is”.

Own It

Take ownership, commit, and improve, always.

Lean and Agile

Innovate to eliminate inefficiencies and wastage


Bias for action with the Big Picture in mind.

Make Happy

Please our clients by adding more value than before

Our Clients

Key Members of Our Team

Kenneth Yap

Kenneth co-founded The Marketing Interchange

Kenneth co-founded The Marketing Interchange, a multinational research agency powering BrandTrack. With nearly 30 years experience in marketing research, he led the development team for BrandTrack

Bradley Turner

VP Development, BrandTrack

Bradley plays the lead role in the development of BrandTrack, managing a team of data scientists and analysts expanding the value of BrandTrack across many other verticals and use cases

Khim Hoo

VP Sales, BrandTrack

Khim is the key contact for Sales & Agency Partnerhips for BrandTrack. He has over 30 years of experience in sales across different SaaS businesses, customizing IT solutions to suit clients' business needs.

Afif Faiz

Senior Data Scientist, BrandTrack

Afif is the lead Data Scientist for BrandTrack. An expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, his project team develops the schema of brand attributes and translates the data into actionable client outcomes.

BrandTrack in the News

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