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BrandTrack Demo – Employer Brand

Employer brand equity and value proposition rests on 5 critical factors: Positive work environment (physical & social), Value for employee, Enabling fit, Corporate identity & reputation, and Future prospects. The dashboard below displays data from four leading accounting & consulting firms. This dataset consists of employee reviews organized in the following manner:

Key Attributes for Employer Brands

For employers, both the employer brand and value proposition share some of the following attributes:

Work Enviroment

• Physical health & safety
• Equipment & tech quality
• Cohesion & collegiality
• Equitable & fair
• Fun to work at

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Value for Employee

• Remuneration
• Benefits
• Work-Life balance
• Training & development
• Mentorship & guidance
• Stimulating work

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Enabling Fit

• Role fit
• Autonomy & control
• Inclusivity
• Communication

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Corporate Identity

• Company attractiveness
• Vision & values
• Corporate citizenship

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Future Prospects

• Quality of senior management
• Sustainability
• Career growth
• Job security

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