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BrandTrack Demo – Retailers

The brand equity and store image for retailers rests on 3 critical factors: Product (range), Price (value), and Service. The dashboard below displays data of 2 retailers in the cosmetics (health & beauty) sector. This dataset consists of customer reviews, along with marketing and social marketing activities, organized in the following manner:

Key Attributes for Retailers

For retailers, both brand equity and customer experience share the following attributes:


• Range & assortment
• Stock availability
• Stock integrity
• Product quality
• Product fashion/style
• Service quality

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• Value for money
• Sale attractiveness
• Price integrity

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• Helpful & friendly staff
• Knowledgeable staff
• Attentive & responsive staff
• Problem-solving
• Fast & seamless transaction

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• Presentation & ambience
• Convenient location
• Convenient amenities

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Customer Policy

• In-store & online consistency
• Flexible customer policy
• Returns-friendly

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