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What is BrandTrack?

BrandTrack is a Voice-Of-The-Customer solution that uses customer reviews and feedback to help clients monitor and improve performance in the areas of Branding, Marketing, Customer Experience, Operations, and Market Research & Insights. BrandTrack is implemented in two phases:



Customer review data displayed in Microsoft Power BI

Customer reviews extracted from Google and other review sites are analysed and displayed in a customizable Power BI dashboard or loaded onto your database or ERP.

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Consulting / Implementation

Consultants help client teams implement improvements

Our expert consultants partner with client teams onsite, guided by BrandTrack data to plan & implement improvements in Marketing, Customer Experience, and Operations.

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Data designed for action.

At the heart of BrandTrack are customizable dashboards designed to promote feedback and corrective action. Reviews are analyzed for Brand and Customer Experience factors that are critical for each specific industry.

The BrandTrack Process

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